Helpful resources for you and your FreeStyle Libre patients

Get your patients started

Share these handy tools full of useful tips and important information with
your patients to help them get started with the FreeStyle Libre system. 

Getting Started Guide

Everything patients need to get started using the FreeStyle Libre system and understanding their scans.

Getting Started webinar 

To help educate your patients and get them started using the FreeStyle Libre system, Abbott Diabetes Care is offering free, live educational sessions for your patients to attend from the comfort of their own homes. These sessions will be hosted by an Abbott representative alongside a diabetes educator. 

Once registered, patients will be eligible to request their FREE FreeStyle Libre system trial kit* to help them get started. During this 1-hour, live educational event, patients will learn how to: 

Apply and use the FreeStyle Libre system

Read and understand their FreeStyle Libre scans


Help your patients discover how easy the FreeStyle Libre system is to use!


1. Direct them to www.RegisterGettingStarted.com


2. Download the patient invitation


Tools to support your patients sharing their glucose data with you 

Connect to a Practice with FreeStyle LibreLink

Shows patients how they can stay connected with their healthcare provider remotely and easily share their glucose data using the FreeStyle LibreLink app.



Helping your patients share their glucose reports with you

Lori Berard walks patients through setting up a connection to your practice using the FreeStyle LibreLink app or reader and LibreView§. Patients will discover that sharing glucose readings is easy & convenient.

Support your patients

Sensor Adhesion Guide 

Tips to care for the FreeStyle Libre sensor, as well as simple instructions to help patients prepare their skin and apply/remove their sensor.

Getting More webinar

Ideal for patients who have already attended a GETTING STARTED session or for patients already using the FreeStyle Libre system. These 1-hour education sessions will help set up patients for continued success by:

Reviewing how to read and understand all 4 elements of a FreeStyle Libre scan

Introducing reports that provide information such as time in target, low-glucose events and daily patterns

Connecting the dots: How attendees can benefit from understanding and incorporating report insights into their daily lives


Help your patients get the most out of the FreeStyle Libre system!


1. Direct them to www.RegisterGettingMore.com


2. Download the patient invitation


We’re hard at work developing more webinars
that cover a range of topics with useful 
information to help you manage your diabetes. 
Encourage your patients to check back often to
register for new events as they become available!

Tools for you

Access useful resources to support you in your practice and your patients as they manage their diabetes.


FreeStyle Libre System Brochure

See how the FreeStyle Libre system delivers clinical benefits for a broad range of patients. 


FreeStyle Libre prescription tool

A convenient resource to simplify prescribing the FreeStyle Libre system.

Connect to a Practice with the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app

Discover how patients can easily share their glucose data with you remotely from the FreeStyle LibreLink app to LibreView§ for more productive diabetes management conversations.


New in LibreView:§ AGP report with Time in Range 

Look beyond A1C and easily identify glucose patterns and trends in a single-page comprehensive report.    

Encourage patients to visit MyFreeStyle.ca and enrol in our 30-day program to help them take charge with confidence 

MyFreeStyle is a new digital resource that gives your patients access to a wealth of information they may require about the FreeStyle Libre system – anytime, anywhere§

30 days to take charge with confidence 

After signing up to receive email communications from us, your patients will be enrolled in MyFreeStyle – a 30-day onboarding journey designed to help them take charge with confidence. We will provide them with guided and sequential support, including educational tools and diabetes management tips, to set them up for success for self-management using the FreeStyle Libre system. 

Explore MyFreeStyle.ca to see how it can help support your FreeStyle Libre patients. 


Enrol in EasyToFreeStyle

Enrol in EasyToFreeStyle to receive product updates, useful resources and patient education tools

* Sensors are available for eligible patients who meet the labelling requirements of 18 years or older with diabetes mellitus. Limit: one per registrant.  

† Scanning the sensor does not require lancets.

‡ The FreeStyle LibreLink app and the FreeStyle Libre reader have similar but not identical features. A finger prick test using a blood glucose meter is required during times of rapidly changing glucose levels when interstitial fluid glucose levels may not accurately reflect blood glucose levels or if hypoglycemia or impending hypoglycemia is reported by the FreeStyle LibreLink app or when symptoms do not match the app readings. The FreeStyle Libre sensor communicates with the FreeStyle Libre reader that started it or the FreeStyle LibreLink app that started it. A sensor started by the FreeStyle Libre reader will also communicate with the FreeStyle LibreLink app. The FreeStyle LibreLink app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check the website for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView. 

§ The LibreView website is only compatible with certain operating systems and browsers. Please check www.libreview.com for additional information. 

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The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system is indicated for measuring interstitial fluid glucose levels in adults aged 18 years and older with diabetes mellitus. Always read and follow the label/insert. 

The FreeStyle Libre 2 flash glucose monitoring system is indicated for measuring interstitial fluid glucose levels in people aged 4 years and older with diabetes mellitus. Always read and follow the label/insert.